The Video SPY Glasses that has Snapchat PANICKING - Now Available to the Public!

By: Aaron Parker | May 3rd, 2017

Note: Due to recently being featured on TV, stores are sold out. As of today, they are still available online and for a limited time, the manufacturer is offering 75% off orders placed today.
This past weekend, The Gear Guide got a first-hand look at a brand new product that is causing waves in the wearable technology community. Spy Speks (seen above) allow you to record EVERYTHING that you see, easily, automatically and without having to take your phone out. Our senior tech reporter Aaron Parker reviews the hot new product in this weeks Tech Report.


So what can I say about Spy Speks? First of all, they're really good looking glasses. The glasses, which have a small camera built into the frame, make it so easy to capture the world in video. I loved that while wearing the glasses I didn't have to dig for my phone in my pocket or bag whenever I wanted to snap something.

It's amazing to be able to snap videos hands-free. I was able to film myself playing fetch with my dog while sipping a coffee, thanks to the Spy Speks. I took them to the beach, jumped on trampolines, dodged balls, climbed a pyramid play structure, watched the sunset and played tennis with them. A whole lot of fun captured from my point of view. Regardless of age (or activity), if you like to record video, Spy Speks open up the possibility of capturing hands-free, phone-free moments.

Their design is also so practical. The glasses charge using standard USB and they are easy to set up and use. It took me less than 15 minutes to start using my glasses after unwrapping them for the first time.

What I Like About these Glasses

  1. They feel like sunglasses and they look pretty good on just about everyone.
  2. Video quality is great for uploading to social media or reviewing on my computer. If the light is good you're getting a pretty decent picture.
  3. Spy Speks record both video AND sound. Some of the other glasses I have seen only record video which is a huge drawback. These glasses do both!
  4. They don't need to be connected to a phone or a computer to work - you only need a computer if you want to review or edit videos.
  5. They won't fall off your face if you jump around or play sport.


There are ton's of uses for these glasses but some of the biggest reasons that I can see people using them for are:

  • Recording live shows or events
  • Recording classes, lectures, talks or seminars
  • Secret shopping
  • Investigative work or surveillence
  • Recording yourself playing sports, cycling, skating, and more (think GoPRO but better).
  • Recording yourself driving, racing and biking.
  • Recording your family or children to make sure they are safe and not in danger.

Information from the Manufacturer

Spy Speks are a remarkable innovation in spy glasses technology with a brand new low profile design, stealthy hidden camera with built in embedded microphone making people none the wiser that your glasses are actually a hidden camera. At the touch of a button, these glasses capture everything in the direction that you are looking in saves the video onto flash memory. These glasses record the world in high quality 720P and can easily be download to a Mac or PC. The charge lasts for up to 2 hours and can hold almost 5 hours of video!

The Spy Speks are very easy to use. Simply press and hold the power button until you see the blue light flash then let go. When you let go you will see a blue light flash 1 time then a green light will flash 10 times and turn off. This indicates that the Spy Speks are on and recording.

Don't remember when the footage was recorded? No problem. With these glasses, you will always have a record of when the footage was recorded with a time and date stamp. The glasses are of modern design and power packed with modern technology. The fashionable specs are not only classy, but are very powerful as well! Fully compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Simply plug these glasses into your USB port on your PC or MAC, a file will open once they have been plugged into the computer. You can then watch your video files right off the glasses or save those files to your computer desktop.

Charging is simple, just plug your glasses into any computer or powered USB for 3 to 4 hours and you are ready to go!

Spy Speks are Still in Stock, But Availability is Very Limited!

This is due to extremely high demand fueled by increasing media coverage, we recommend you act fast to secure your pair of Spy Speks today. If we're sold out please check back in July 2017.

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