The Gear Guides

So what's the point of accumulating all this gear if you've got no place to turn it loose?  Our Gear Guides activate the spam mail filters in their minds, toss out the junk, and grace us with their favorite places to rest, play, learn and, ultimately, get their mojo workin'.

Gear Guide Approved

Original Retro Brand

Product:  T-shirts

Summary:  L.A.-based manufacturers of vintage-looking T-shirts, Original Retro Brand is urging football fans to partake in College Colors Day. Participation is simple: wear your college colors (or somebody else's, for that matter) on Sept. 2.
Manufacturer's website:

Reviewed By:  Dan

Urbana Bikes

Summary:  Like any good Canadian, Urbana Bikes are built for city streets and sandy beaches alike, stable, fun, versatile and anatomically designed to fit all sizes.
Manufacturer's website:

Reviewed By:  Dave

Dyson  -  Air Multiplier

Summary:  James Dyson didn't like the harsh wind created by table fans, so the man best known for his vacuums invented something better.  Try the Dyson Air Multiplier just once, and it's tough to argue otherwise.
Manufacturers website:

Reviewed By:  Audrey

ENGEL  -  ENG146

Summary:  We know of only one cooler that has gone toe-to-toe with a 1,000-pound grizzly bear and lived to chill another day.  Thanks to Engel, rotationally molded plastic has never looked so ferocious, and our Gear Guides have never looked so wimpy.
Manufacturer's website:

Reviewed By:  David

MAGELLAN  -  Maestro 4700

Summary:  There is no logical reason to travel without a GPS except that you are not a logical person  -  or you have not been formally introduced to the slim, portable and wholly reliable Maestro 4700 by Magellan.  It can not only get you home, it can get you there in 3D.
Manufacturer's website:

Reviewed By:  Stephanie